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Healthy Living Part 1

two women planking and high-fiving each other in a gym

Treating your body with care can be difficult when you’re busy with all that goes on in life. Sure, it’s important to get sufficient nutrition and adequate exercise for your health and longevity, but how do you accomplish that if you’re so busy? In this week's Stoney Ridge Apartments Blog, we’ve compiled a few ways that you can get some exercise even with through your busy days.

Work it into your schedule

Sometimes we aren’t able to exercise because we feel we have no time to do it. Scheduling a moment of exercise (accounting for changing and showering after) can help you see that there is time during your day. In the case where your schedule is packed, you could try waking up a little earlier than normal to exercise. Being busy is normal, but attempting to work it into your schedule can help you see where you can cut out certain activities in favor of exercise.  

Find a routine that works for you

If you’re strapped for time, you might want to find a workout routine that works for you. Not everyone can spend 3 hours in the gym, so it’s important to get the most out of your time while not feeling like you accomplished nothing. There are many routines you can try, so we suggest doing your research to find out what you want to do given the amount of time you have available to work out.

Don’t make excuses

Though people can get busy, many use that as an excuse to not exercise. It is understandable that after a long day you’re tired from work or school and all you want to do is lay on your bed or couch, but we suggest not using that as an excuse not to work out. Exercise is an activity that can end up making you feel better. It also can have positive effects on how you view yourself. Pushing past your desire to lay around and getting back into the gym will ultimately be better for you!

Do you have any tips on how you get your exercise in when your schedule doesn’t allow? Let our Austin, TX apartment community know by leaving a comment below.